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Updates and News

I'm working on my latest project which I'm really excited about. I'm writing a book about my travels and projects I have been involved in around the world since 2000. I will be designing a new website, Facebook page and twitter account so I can promote the book when its completed. The book will be titled Addicted To Steel.

***** Update******

I am proud to announce the release of the much acclaimed 'Addicted To Steel' book. Copies can be purchased @

2. Shieldcrest publications
3.Amazon UK
4. Waterstones

Facebook page is Addicted to steel book
Twitter is @ATS_Book

I have also been writing articles for The Guardian newspaper about sentencing for people charged with criminal damage.

I've been working with a number of local authorities in Essex, Croydon and Hertfordshire in regards to a number of sites across the counties that require new murals applied to existing sites in their area. These consist of basketball courts and run down play areas for children. With government funding, I often involve the local community and get the local kids to design and apply some street art that they can be proud of.

At present I am working with a TV production team that are looking at street art as a culture that trends globally from 1st to 3rd world communities. There are some good artists from around the world involved and I am proud to be of assistance and giving an insight to the UK street art scene.

I have recently completed a youth workshop for Muswell Hill Baptist Church. A group of budding artists got there hands on spray cans and developed a theme wall for their common room. 

Events and exhibitions:

Write 4 Gold Germany 3rd place 2008
Meeting of Styles 2009
Street Styles Jam Holland 2009
Claim the Streets Eindhoven 2009
Warped private gallery show London 2010
Meeting of Styles 2010 London
Livestock 2012
Strawberry Fields Festival 2012
Documentary by Short form films about street art 2013